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20 June 2014 @ 06:14 pm
2013-12-05-12-03-57_deco 2014-02-06-14-32-26_photo 2014-02-06-14-26-21_photo 2014-02-06-14-34-19_deco

Selling heaps and heaps of ViViD tour goods, DVDs, and magazines here! Please check them out, because I am in a hurry to sell them off within the next 7 days! Willing to negotiate most items!
14 May 2012 @ 10:35 pm

Take a step inside if that's what you like, we're always open and ready for business. What awaits any customer is a burlesque styled club featuring beauties gathered from around the world. Downstairs is where the fun takes a turn for the vulgar, unashamed pleasures pervaiding the atmosphere where a strip club lies. Not for the faint of heart. Any and all can sign up.

Any writing style is acceptable, whether it be storyline or action, as long as you make sense and are intelligent. This is an AU Community as well, come, meet new people in our niche of a club.

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14 April 2012 @ 11:55 pm

Unfortunately my plans changed and I can't make it to the Nico Nico Chokaigi 2012 event at Makuhari Messe on April 28/29, so I'm wondering if anyone will be in Japan and wants to go? I have 2 tickets costing 1000yen each.
Just to let you know, 1 ticket can only be used for 1 day of the event!

Please leave a message or contact me by private message if you're interested! I'll be cross-posting this, so I'll sell them to the first person who contacts me.
25 March 2012 @ 11:03 pm
Welcome to Imperial Academy.
The Academy welcomes any student... well, those who are able to pay the tuition fees, of course. And those who can receive the best of the best, whether it be education or snacks or gourmet lunches, you name it. 
Only students with parents who are rich enough and willing to pay the price of a better education, and better school lunches, are able to be apart of such a prestige school... Unless you're apart of the lucky few who manage to get accepted on scholarship status. But just because you're in doesn't mean that everyone'll treat you the same. 
In fact, sometimes the school administration will overlook something that a student has done just because of their family prestige. 
Teachers are often caught hanging around with students in their free time, but sometimes something a little more can happen between just a teacher and student. It isn't uncommon in the school. 
The unofficial motto? 
Prestige first, wealth in a close second.

Hi! I've got some stuff up for sale ♪♪ 
Please take a look :D

- I ship internationally. (location: Thailand)
- I accept Paypal in JPY.
- I might be able to offer discount on some items.
- Feedback [here]

More details in original post (link below)

Artist photo from Zeal Link (¥100)


Toy Soldier flyer (¥100)

the GazettE:
TOXIC photo set -Like An Edison- (¥490)
Clear files - Group / Ruki / Aoi  (¥440 - ¥550)
Garish Room Vol.9 & 10 (¥400)
BM Iron-on transfer  (¥100)
IC stickers - Aoi / Kai / Uruha (¥100)
BM Tokyo Dome goods catalog (¥100)

Alice Nine GEMINI sticker (¥200)
ViViD poster (¥250)
SID "one way" sticker (¥180)
ARENA37°C (¥410)

Click on the pic for more details, or click [HERE]

[main sales post here]

Please take a look~  Thank you so much! m(_ _)m