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jrock advertisements

post your advertisements here.

A place for J R O C K Advertisements
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::::Jrock Advertisements ::::
This is a moderated member community, if you want to be a member, you have to be approved first.
Also, you don't have to join this community, but you could watch it. xDD Ahahaha, it's just if you are interested in joining or getting things from communities. Oh, and only members can post...so if you'd like to post your advertisement, you have to join the community.
The name of the community is obvious, this is only JROCK. Nothing else.

You may advertise:
=> Graphics
=> Things you are selling
=> Downloads
=> FanFics
=> Blogcrews
=> Others

and so on...

=> No spamming.
If you decide to spam this community, you will be removed and not accepted back into the community. [BANNED]
=> Do not advertise anything not having to do with JROCK. This is a JRock community.
=> Do not bash someone because they made you mad or so on.
=> There's no limit to advertising, but, if you are advertising, do not spam. Meaning, if you posted before, and then you post again with the same thing, that's spamming, or you post your ad so fast that both entries were posted at the same time, I will warn you. If you are going to advertise, do it differently everytime.

Rules are subject to change.

=> jrockxstar
=> jrockxstillness
=> xloliconsx
=> capslock_jrock
=> epiclyintense
=> capslock_alice9
=> superrabbit_bou
=> sid_rating
=> 78777

If you would like to affiliate with this community, please comment over HERE.

If you've any questions, contact kaanivaru.
Thank you for stopping by.