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Hi! I've got some stuff up for sale ♪♪ 
Please take a look :D

- I ship internationally. (location: Thailand)
- I accept Paypal in JPY.
- I might be able to offer discount on some items.
- Feedback [here]

More details in original post (link below)

Artist photo from Zeal Link (¥100)


Toy Soldier flyer (¥100)

the GazettE:
TOXIC photo set -Like An Edison- (¥490)
Clear files - Group / Ruki / Aoi  (¥440 - ¥550)
Garish Room Vol.9 & 10 (¥400)
BM Iron-on transfer  (¥100)
IC stickers - Aoi / Kai / Uruha (¥100)
BM Tokyo Dome goods catalog (¥100)

Alice Nine GEMINI sticker (¥200)
ViViD poster (¥250)
SID "one way" sticker (¥180)
ARENA37°C (¥410)

Click on the pic for more details, or click [HERE]

[main sales post here]

Please take a look~  Thank you so much! m(_ _)m

Please look, I'm in serious need of money and I can't keep these anymore >.<

J-rock CDs & DVDs:
- Ayabie (Euro Best CD, Rikkaboshi+a CD, Virgin Snow Color DVD)
- An Cafe (Gokutama ROCK cafe CD)
- D'espairsRay (Coll:set CD, MIRROR CD)
- Dir En Grey (Vulgar CD)
- the Gazette (NIL Limited edition CD)
- Nightmare (Libido CD)
- Plastic Tree (What is plastic tree CD).

I'm also selling clothing suitable for many Japanese street styles; visual kei, decora, punk, gyaru, lolita, kodona...Cheap prices! Brands like Liz Lisa, ACDC RAG and Sby109. Please look, shipping included in all!
08 September 2011 @ 01:38 am
26 July 2011 @ 06:56 pm
If you're looking for some hot new bands to check out from Japan or maybe you've forgotten about some of your old favorites you used to listen to, come check me out on twitter @LifeIn_Dminor for my Morning Music Tweets!  『NO MUSIC - NO LIFE』 J-Music Tweets to help you discover new bands or rediscover old ones. 世界は音楽を通じて団結しています! LifeIn_Dminor on Twitter!

I support both @HearJapan for legal J-music MP3 downloads and @CDJapan for buying J-music CDs & posters outside of Japan.  I also have both musicians and DJs who follow me!  

So check me out on Twitter, follow me and if you'd like me to follow you back, just tweet me and let me know and I will!  Don't forget to tweet me your suggestions of bands I should check out while you're on Twitter!

If you have a locked Twitter account and you still want me to follow you, please leave me a comment here with your Twitter name so I can follow you back.  If you tweet me with a locked account, I wont be able to see your comment.

Also, don't forget to stop by the website, BratCatRock.com for J-music reviews and to look for our future live ShoutCast shows featuring only J-music!
07 May 2011 @ 05:36 pm
Destria is what one would call a thriving port town. A frequent stop for merchants, and a place to call home for everyone in every walk of life from the low class to wealthy nobles.

That was until piracy invaded every ocean. Destria soon became plagued with pirates, from near and far and the local government became fed up with their town being overran. Piracy was outlawed and pirates found on the island were imprisoned and then sentenced to death by hanging.

Those that slipped through the cracks were either very lucky or clever.

These individuals found refuge on Woukou Isle, and only the brave few every traveled back to Desteria. Though it’s not to say that pirates don’t still live on the main island, but those that do live under the threat of being caught and hung in the gallows.

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